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         As a Corporate Trainer, Nicole Bailey helps individuals and corporations reach their full potential as communicators. Through her background in Speech Communications and her experience as a Motivational/Keynote Speaker, Nicole Bailey has uncovered the keys to effective communications. Her charisma, humor, and practical advice have placed her in high demand, affording her the opportunity to instruct, amuse, and inspire audiences nationwide. Nicole Bailey offers a wide variety of interactive workshops emphasizing the importance of successful communication across all levels and systems. Tailored to corporations and/or individuals, each program imparts proficiency in critical areas of communications such as preparation, presentation, and follow-up skills.
        Popular keynote addresses include:
         * The 4Rís of Effective Communications     
         * Honing the Skills of Effective Communications
         * Managing Multiple Masters         
         * Respect (Do's and Dont's)
         * Reducing Stress
         * Managing Diversity In The Workplace
         * Customizing Your Customer Service
         * Corporate Etiquette
         * Training The Trainer