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Communications Consultant  

  As a Relationship Expert, Nicole Bailey is well-equipped to consult with individuals, couples, and families. Exhibiting such qualities as intelligence, initiative, maturity, and common sense makes her the perfect candidate for dealing with matters of the heart. Nicole Bailey has been featured in the African American Voice, and on Majic 102, Gospel 1360, and Sunny 99.1 to impart  her relationship expertise.

         As a Certified Mediator, Nicole Bailey understands the need for a neutral third party in order to resolve disputes. She is described as “having an uncanny ability to impartially listen to parties and effectively guide them towards resolution.” Also, her creativity, charisma, and effervescent magnetism draw a montage of audiences who can relate to her practical and sincere messages. Nicole Bailey transcends the barriers of race, gender, and culture as she imparts useful information that is specifically designed to meet the needs of persons from varied backgrounds.